Becoming an Indecent Bengali Girl

By Humaira ZakariaIt has not been an easy road to recovery after Imperial Britain. My father came to America after he witnessed the atrocities of the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971; a war that was fought for Bengali language, identity and independence from what was then West Pakistan.  Through the horrors of the struggle…

On Empire & Religion in Bengal

While being an annual celebration, marking the apex of Bengali culture, Pohela Baishakh it is not an invention made by Bengalis for the explicit benefit of Bengalis.

Satyajit Ray: The Social Issue Filmmaker

Satyajit Ray, the legendary filmmaker, defined the Bengali film industry and reshaped the context of filmmaking to address contemporary social issues of his time.

Remembering East Pakistan

When the Liberation War of 1971 established a new Bangla-speaking country, Ms. Smith’s acquaintances began to ask her why she was still there. She would say, “I’m Bengali. Where am I supposed to go?”