About Us

The original Bengal Gazette was started by James Augustus Hicky in 1780 in Calcutta, the then-capital of British India. Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was the first newspaper to be printed in Asia and prided itself on producing provocative, independent journalism. While Hicky’s Bengal Gazette only ran for two years, its spirit lives on in contemporary journalism about the subcontinent, including this very publication. [1]

Today’s Bengal Gazette is a student-run publication based out of Berkeley dedicated to all topics related to Bengal, uniting the voices of Undergraduates, Graduates, Faculty and Alumni here at Cal.

From our history, politics, culture, tradition, art, and literature, to our food, the Bengal Gazette strives to be a timeless platform to write and learn about Bengal.

We are both a print magazine and a mobile platform, hoping to make a presence not just at Cal but throughout the Bangali Diaspora. Hope you read us!

Are you interested in writing for the Bengal Gazette? We are looking for Writers, Cooks, Artists, Poets & Web Designers! Register your interest here.

[1] See Andrew Otis’ Hicky’s Bengal Gazette: The Untold Story of India’s First Newspaper for more details.